Only 54 nautical miles from Athens, Spetses is ideally located at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf. With its naval tradition, rich history and distinctive culture, Spetses constitutes the perfect setting for a Classic Yacht Race.

The island’s geographical location, its regular connection to the mainland port of Piraeus. Its proximity not only to Athens but to tip of the Peloponnesian coast ensure easy access for any competing yachts.

From early May till late September sailing conditions around Spetses are very steady. There are regular westerly sea breezes usually from noon till sunset. Where the sea breezes don’t dominate one will find the brisk etesian Meltemi winds blowing across the straits.

The island provides excellent mooring facilities both the in old port of Baltiza and the more recent additions in the commercial port of Dapia as well as in front of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

It is possible to create an array of diverse race courses, leading to exciting and challenging daily race schedule which will intrigue participants as well as on-shore spectators who will be rewarded with breathtaking views and beautiful vessels sailing out to sea.